Al Hasawi Anti-Aging  Clinic offers a comprehensive range of the latest and most advanced IPL skin rejuvenation treatments to reveal a younger, fresher and more beautiful you . Our skin treatment programmes are individually designed to meet your specific needs and rejuvenate skin by:

removing wrinkles and linesskin_rjuvenation after a
tightening your skin
evening out pigmentation (colouring)
smoothing rough skin
improving the look of shallow acne scars, blemishes, lesions and thread veins
treating acne and rosacea
removing tattoos

How does IPL work on skin pigmentation, liver spots, sun damage and rosacea/redness?

When treating unwanted areas of pigmentation, targeted areas momentarily absorb the light and become hot.. This heat breaks down the pigmentation into tiny particles which then either rise to the skin’s surface as scabs, which are exfoliated away naturally within 1-2 weeks, or the particles are filtered away through the lymphatic system in your body.

The photorejuvenation treatment is based on light absorption in melanin found in the skin, and haemoglobin found in blood. When cells containing lots of these substances are targeted with the IPL light, they disappear almost immediately.

How does IPL work on thread veins?

A thread vein is a small blood vessel near the surface of the skin. Blood contains haemoglobin that absorbs the light from the IPL system and converts it into heat. This heat destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein. As a result the veins will gradually, and safely, disappear after treatment. To ensure optimal light transmission to the blood vessel, a thin layer of gel (similar to that used in ultrasound examinations) is applied to your skin before treatment.

Thread veins on the face, neck and chest areas will respond effectively to the treatment. As the treatment relies on absorption of light by the haemoglobin in the blood, the most effective results are seen with light skin. The lighter the skin, the more pronounced the contrast between the vessel and the skin, making treatment easier. However, Ellipse has pre-programmed settings for different skin colours that deliver the correct energy output for your complexion.

How does IPL work on fine lines and wrinkles?

Ready to turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles?enhance-1

By IPL Laser treatments , the procedure delivers visible results in as little as one month by increasing your skin’s collagen production. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and your skin’s texture appears smoother.

How does IPL work on acne?

Our acne treatment gets straight to the root of the problem. This unique treatment uses specifically selected wavelengths and optimised pulse duration and shape. The light is absorbed by haemoglobin, the red pigment in the blood, which then heats the area producing a minor reaction to the sebaceous glands. This in turn slows down the overall production of oil that leads to acne, thus dramatically reducing the chance of spots and minimising the appearance of pores in general.